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ZSTC envisions to be a reputable facilitator for the development, promotion, quality improvement and enhancing the competitiveness of Zanzibar cloves and other agricultural products in the world market


Our mission is to be the best promoter and trader of clove and other high value agricultural products through increased quality, quantities, harnessing productivity, competitiveness, sustainable markets and income for the benefit and satisfaction of ZSTC, farmers and processors

 Core Value

  • High economic potential, social and environmental benefits

  • Pursuit of excellence in quality production, trade of cloves and other agro-products

  • Reliable and timely delivery of services

  • Market oriented products and services


  • To meet the current and future customers aspiration, expectations and demands

  • To significantly reduce institutional costs

  • Increase the income and improve the security of that income


“Cloves for Zanzibar development”

 Core Strategic Objectives

  1. To enhance sustainable production and productivity in the clove industry by 10% over 3 years period

  2. To strength trading and marketing locally, nationally and internationally

  3. To increase compliance rate to 80% by the end of 2019

  4. To establish enterprise risk management (ERM) and effective internal controls system

  5. To increase efficiency and effectiveness of operations

  6. To increase an average returns on investment by 15% annually



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We offer the best quality of Cloves in the market that has a strong taste and aroma. We offer the best price and it is negotiable.  Considering our terms of sales we do on-time shipment of your purchases. We provide free samples while attempting to try and purchase.

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