Managing Director's Statement




 Mrs. Mwanahija Almas Ali 




   “Our key mission is to be the best promoter and trader of

clove and other high value agricultural products through

increased quality and quantities, and harnessing productivity

, competitiveness, sustainable markets and income for the

benefit and satisfaction of ZSTC, farmers and processors”



In 2011/12 was a year of planning and preparation for implementing a 10-year Clove Development Strategy with the objective to revamping the clove production, and regulating clove marketing and trading activities.

One of the Government Strategy is to reform the Zanzibar State Trading Corporation (ZSTC), the sole buyer, processor and distributor of the crop, in order to be able to proper manage the crop.  The reforms are aimed at reviving crops and boost production.
During this period, while implementing the reforms, we are actively supporting National Development Strategy (Vision 2020 and MKUZA II).

Method of achieving stated objectives:  ZSTC will concentrates on all areas of business operations to ensure full capitalization on change to thrive and ensure its long-term vibrancy.  This will be done through a participatory process in which both internal and external stakeholders are involved.

Business Planning and Review:  The Management of ZSTC will be challenged with delivering the necessary improvements needed to ensure ZSTC can achieve its objectives, which will necessitate ongoing reforms to allow the development and introduction of personnel, systems and procedures to deliver effective and efficient performance.

Profitability and Sustainability of the ZSTC:  The obligation to ensure that ZSTC is going to be competitive in the modern market where absolute need to demonstrate value for money to our customers must be corresponding with the needs of ZSTC through effective financial system and controls to ensure we generate value for the Government as a Shareholder.

Compliance with Legal and Contractual Responsibilities:  Our obligations are to ensure that we provide a safe environment for all ZSTC personnel and stakeholders all the time, as well as being able to deal with other significant legislative requirements of domestically and internationally, such as to abuse workers, discrimination on genders or  disability, employ under eighteen years etc.

Customer Service and Satisfaction:  ZSTC has made a commitment to customers both existing and future, to provide access to staff conversant with the needs and demand of a client.  The client relationship is important and must be safeguarded through open honest dialogue.

ZSTC Restructuring:  The competent and experienced personnel are needed in order to assist restructuring of the ZSTC, so as to improve the ZSTC activities for the purpose of fulfilling its ambition on its achievements.

Education, Training and Development:  At the heart of the planned improvements is the need to guarantee staff and other stakeholders carry out their works to the standards we expect.  This can only be guaranteeing they have necessary skills and competence to complete the task, to achieve this, reform program on training and assessment should be implemented which will provide benefits to all aspects of ZSTC.