The Corporation provides various supports and services, especially to the cloves farmers, to facilitate the production of cloves. The support provided to farmers, including   nets, spades, wheel barrows, empty plastic and polythene bags which are mostly used in nurseries for the preparation of cloves seedlings. Similarly, in a an effort to fulfil its   corporate social responsibilities, ZSTC  has actively been participating  in various projects undertaken by the Government and communities in  different sectors,  especially  health,  education, infrastructure and supply of clean and safe water.

Likewise, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, ZSTC supplies 1,000, 000 seedlings of cloves to farmers annually for free. 


1.     ZSTC offers soft loans to clove farmers to facilitate harvesting activities.

2.     ZSTC has built new clove buying centers near to communities to facilitate the transportation of cloves.

3.     ZSTC has introduced new weighing scales and improved the availability of various facilities and services in the clove buying centers.

4.     It supplies   materials needed by farmers in clove nurseries.

5.     It provides education to cloves farmers on better farming practices.

6.     It supports the Government in the provision of social services; such as health and education, to different communities.