Clove Pickers injured during Clove Picking exercise have been Paid Compensation

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zanzibar State Trading Corporation (ZSTC) Mr. Kassim Maalim Suleiman has handed over TZS 42 million as a compensation for the 37 clove farmers injured during clove picking exercise in the year 2015/2016.

Handing over the money in the event which took place at Makonyo Conference Hall, Wawi, Chake - Chake Pemba; he said that providing compensation to injured clove pickers is a government concern to clove farmers who are doing an important work in developing the national economy.

He insisted that the Government through ZSTC and Clove Development Fund will continue to compensate clove pickers who get injured during harvesting seasons.

He said that it is not easy to cover the life of the people and the pain they suffer when they injured but the procedure of giving compensation will help to build morale and confidence for the citizens to participate in the exercise of clove harvesting.

He urged farmers not to misuse the opportunity of getting compensation by manipulating, deceiving and cheating for the purpose of getting the money while they are not injured in clove picking.

Moreover, he urged parents and the general public not to employ children under the age of 18 in picking cloves since it is among the hard work for children.

He said according to International Laws relating to children which Tanzania has ratified, children are not allowed to be employed in hard labor.

On his side, Director of Clove Development Fund, Mr. Ali Suleiman Mussa said that according to an agreement with the Zanzibar Insurance Corporation children under the age of 18 will not be considered.

He added that ZSTC through Clove Development Fund has entered into agreement with the Zanzibar Insurance Corporation to provide insurance to clove farmers injured during cloves picking exercise.

In the year 2015/2016, about 133 cases of accidents were reported, 123 in Pemba and 10 in Unguja. Among those cases reported three farmers lost their lives.


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