Pemba essential oil Distillery is a subsidiary of Zanzibar State Trading Corporation (ZSTC). It is located at Wawi.  The distillery is all Stainless Steel and it was built in 1982 by TOURNAIRE FREIRES; a French company. It produces light colored essential oils of high quality.

ZSTC owns Mtakata farm which has the total area of 81.98 ha. The firm is used to produce raw materials needed for extraction of Essential Oils. 

The distillery has 10 stainless steel distillation stills which can be operated independently. It produces essential oils of   different types and colours and of very high quality, namely:

1. Clove Steam Oil

2. Lemon Grass Oil

3. Cinnamon Leaf Oil

4. Sweet Basil

5. Eucalyptus Citriodora

6. Eucalyptus Camaldulensis


Storage and blending of essential oils is done in Stainless steel reservoirs with total capacity of 42,000 litres


Essential oils are packed and shipped in 220 litres capacity lacquered drums. For small quantities, oils are packed in aluminum bottles of 1litre and 5litres capacity. For domestic market, packaging is done in 10 ml, 20ml and 50ml bottles. 

220 litres lacquered drums


The Distillery has also a well-equipped laboratory for quality control and analysis of both physical and chemical properties of Essentials. Among the machines use in the process is a modern Gas Liquid Chromatography.



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