Zanzibar President and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein said that the good start of Branding of Zanzibar Cloves and other spices must be developed for the benefit of Farmers and the Nation.

Speaking before official launching of the First Phase of the project at Saateni Zanzibar, Dr. Shein said the first step is important for building and protecting good image of Zanzibar Cloves in domestic and overseas market.

He said for long time now some people have been using the branding name “Zanzibar Cloves” for their self gain and some of them blacken its good reputation.

He said smuggling of cloves is a major challenge for the Branding strategy because it does not adhere to the principles of protecting the quality and hygiene.

In addition, he noted that the Government will continue to strengthen clove farming for the benefit of Farmers and that Sector will not be privatized.

Providing clarification of the project to the President, the Managing Director of the Zanzibar State Trading Corporation (ZSTC) Dr. Said Seif Mzee said after the completion of the First Phase the next step is to submit the research report of Zanzibar Cloves that has been already done to the Government Registrar for getting certification.


He said ZSTC will strengthen its laboratory for testing, increasing production of the products and finding more domestic and external markets. 

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